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 Dynamic Digital Designs' goal is to help clients design custom incentive programs that motivate:
  • Employees
  • Customers 
  • Consumers

  Because we believe that your customers are "special" and deserve the very best; we offer custom designed solutions that meet your unique business needs! Over the last 25 years, we have designed and operated 3,100+ custom marketing/employee incentives!

 As indicated by the buttons to the left, we can help you in the following areas:

  • Visaź Award and Promotional Cards If you really want to motivate people, you need to offer them what that they want! We have found that the best by far motivator is Visa Award Card which is the ideal for:  
    • Sales Incentives
    • Frequency Marketing and Loyalty programs
    • Consumer Rebates
    • Employee campaigns for Safety, Honor & Recognition and Productivity campaigns

    We have the ability to deliver standard and full-custom Visa Cards which will carry your logo and name!


  • Design of Web Sites  In order to reach new customers and to maintain existing ones, you need to have a Dynamic Digital Design web site! We can help you design or re-design a cost effective web site. We have won numerous awards! 


  • Employee Health Programs are becoming very popular. We can help your employees identify their personal health risks and then motivate them to take preventive steps to insure a healthier life! At the same time, we can help the corporation reduce their medical benefits costs!
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