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We are pleased to offer the Network Health Systems®  Employee Health Profile™ and total management system.

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Our unique system of surveys and questionnaires takes a confidential analysis of your employees' health situations (including lifestyle, exercise, eating, sleeping, family history, physiological data etc...) both individually and aggregately. We combine this information with a compilation of your employees' perception of your organization, culture, and preferences regarding benefits.

Get Answers...

The result is simple. A benefits strategy that matches your desire to build a healthier, happier, more productive, more profitable work force with your employees' desires for better benefits, more appreciation and a healthier lifestyle.

What you don't know CAN Hurt You! 

Employee health is more important to your business than ever before. Wellness and disease prevention programs, health education, and Employee Assistance  Programs are more than just buzz words. For today's companies, they are essential tools for cost control.

Do you know what combination of intervention techniques make the most sense for your company? Do you know what health risks affect your employees and your bottom line the most?

Can you measure the return on your investments?
NOW YOU CAN with our Unique and Total Management System!

Our Network Health System...

A Healthy workplace is a happy workplace and happy people are more productive!

Each of our elements have been extensively tested and are considered the the finest in the industry.

The Individual's FOCUS...

Our system first helps a member identify his or her personal health risks, evaluates the risks and recommends preventative steps to insure a healthier lifestyle.

The second component provides you with the answers you need to make the most of the benefits your company offers its employees.

Our copyrighted Health Risk ProfileTM (HRP) alerts a member of his or her current health conditions and identifies future health risks. We help ensure that appropriate procedures are followed. For example, if a person is predisposed to diabetes, we help to ensure that they attend regular appointments with physician, get an A1C Hemoglobin test and a vision test.

Members armed with our totally integrated program can call the health center and give a description  of their problem. Our physician protocol would then determine what type of medical attention they should seek.

The Company FOCUS...

Network Health Systems' Cost PredictTM  is the most scientifically advanced predictor of health care costs. It gives the valid and reliable answers you need to make the most of every benefit dollar. It determines which health risks factors are most prominent among your employees, and projects the reversible and non-reversible costs. It recommends target intervention strategies that maximize the return on your benefit investments. No other program is as comprehensive, scientifically complete and accurate as the Network Health Systems' Cost PredictTM.


Our system allows you to compile and develop an attractive program of benefits that leads to happier, healthier employees. You can have lower absenteeism and replacement costs, better morale and higher productivity. Your benefits program will attract and retain the best and the brightest employees. We provide you with measurable results that help ensure the long-term profitability that comes with a healthier work force.

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